BAWAC, Inc., was established to serve people with disabilities or other barriers to employment through rehabilitation and employment opportunities. The vehicle for rehabilitation is the work itself. BAWAC also serves the business and industrial community by providing an appropriately skilled workforce, production and manufacturing services.

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Part-time – AM/PM hours.

Northern KY routes.

Transport passengers to/from Day Activity Programs.

Apply in person or mail resume to: BAWAC, Inc., Attn: Transportation Coordinator, 7970 Kentucky Dr., Florence, KY 41042
Fax: 371-1726, E-mail: hr@bawac.org.



Vocational Evaluation

The goal of Vocational Evaluation is to assess the vocational potential of persons with disabilities or other barriers to employment, using psychometric testing

Facility Based Work Adjustment Training

The goal of Facility Based Work Adjustment Training, is to prepare persons with disabilities or barriers to employment for community based employment

Supported Employment

The Supported Employment Program is comprised of Supported Employment and Employment Maintenance. The goal of the Supported Employment Program

Community Rehabilitation Services

The goal of the Community Rehabilitation Services Program (CRS) is to provide people with severe disabilities with intensive training so they may improve

Community Rehabilitation Services - Life Transitions

The goal of Community Rehabilitation Services- Life Transitions Program (LTS) is to provide people with severe disabilities with intensive training so they may

Case Management Services (Michelle P. Waiver and SCL)

The goal of Case Management under the Michelle P Waiver (MPW) and Supports for Community Living (SCL), is to provide people with severe disabilities access

BAWAC Transportation

BAWAC transportation provides access from home or residential settings to programs and employment sites for Medicaid Waiver consumers. BAWAC prides

Production Services

Production Services establishes working relationships and sub-contract arrangements with area businesses to provide a variety of work opportunities for our consumers.