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Cheryl's Story

Cheryl has been working for BAWAC for the past 31 years, but her journey began as a consumer.

Facility Based Work Adjustment Training

The goal of Facility Based Work Adjustment Training, is to prepare persons with disabilities or barriers to employment for community based employment through counseling, work related skills training and work training. A realistic work setting is provided in order to provide remunerative work and so that program staff may work with these individuals in a normalized setting to prepare them for community based employment.

Supported Employment and Project SEARCH

The Supported Employment Program is comprised of Supported Employment and Employment Maintenance. The goal of the Supported Employment Program is to provide community employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities or other barriers to gain employment in a variety of integrated community based environments with earnings at or above prevailing wages. Individuals may be referred for either Supported Employment, Employment and Retention, and/or Employment Maintenance. Supported Employment requires both placement and training combined with the long term follow-up services of Employment Maintenance. Employment and Retention requires placement and training but does not include long term follow-up services.

Project SEARCH serves students with disabilities during their last year of school eligibility. They intern at three different sites with a host employer to build a variety of work skills. They also work on identifying suitable employment options and acquiring independent living skills. The goal for each student is competitive employment. Northern Kentucky University is our host employer.

Community Rehabilitation Services

The goal of the Community Rehabilitation Services Program (CRS) is to provide people with severe disabilities with intensive training so they may improve their personal levels of functioning and participate fully in the community and life's major functions and activities, including their optimal vocational development. It is to also provide a transitional work environment encompassing therapeutic employment, as well as remunerative work in a realistic environment.

The program is designed to allow persons served to be placed in the community in the least restrictive setting with continued access to support services, including counseling, remedial education and work-related skills training.

Life Transitions

The goal of Life Transitions Program (LTS) is to provide people with severe disabilities with intensive activity so they may improve, maintain, or age in place for their personal levels of functioning and participate fully in the community and life's major functions and activities. LTS is an extension of the CRS Program; it provides more social, leisure, and recreational activities for individuals in a more relaxed environment.


BAWAC transportation provides access from home or residential settings to programs and employment sites for Medicaid Waiver consumers. BAWAC prides itself on providing reliable and timely transportation by trained and courteous drivers. Over 200 people per day are transported to eight agencies in six counties.

Production Services

Production Services establishes working relationships and sub-contract arrangements with area businesses to provide a variety of work opportunities for our consumers. These opportunities enable BAWAC to provide a variety of work experiences and training in areas such as assembly, inspection, collating, sorting, packaging, labeling, bagging, sealing and machining.

BAWAC offers area businesses a quality, timely and cost effective solution, specifically tailored to their unique needs. BAWAC has demonstrated to over 100 area companies the added value and reliability we offer to their business.



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